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Dental Buying Power is a group of thousands of independent dentists who combine their purchasing power to receive better pricing on products and services. Members receive exclusive access to discounts, rebates, monthly mentoring and extended warranties; all of which help increase your profits without more work.

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A GPO is a group purchasing organization where independent practitioners combine their collective purchasing power to affect the pricing provided by manufacturers, suppliers, and business services. The GPO negotiates on behalf of the collective practitioners establishing cost-saving discounts, rebates, extended warranties and more.

The GPO has no ownership of or stake in the practice, therefore, members electively choose which vendors and offerings to participate with. Vendors expect member engagement by offering lower prices and cost saving opportunities, anticipating increases in new and existing sales. The GPO is a device that allows individual practice owners to compete with corporate dental groups and DSOs by gaining the negotiating power of hundreds or even thousands of offices.
Buying Power is not a third-party distributor and does not inventory or ship dental products or supplies. Members interact directly with vendors for ordering, shipping, and invoicing at the negotiated Buying Power rates.
Never. You’ll receive our preferred vendor partner communications via email to utilize how you wish.

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We enable private practice owners to compete in today’s market with access to benefits typically reserved only for corporate dentistry. Our commitment is to help members stay focused on the patient experience while providing peace of mind and greater profits. Buying Power’s Best Practices Solutions give you the quickest path to increased success. See what Dental Buying Power access can give your practice the power to do.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have the negotiating power of an 4200+ location dental practice? With Dental Buying Power, you can.

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