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Each product, service and partnership offered through Dental Buying Power is selected by our team of successful, practicing dentists who have built over 3700+ profitable dental practices in their career.


Dental Buying Power was founded by dentists for dentists. We understand that practice owners have a lot on their plate and practice expenses can add up quickly. From ensuring the safe treatment of your patients, to monitoring the production, collections, new patient count, and overhead of your practice. We designed a way for our members to access the industry’s best products and services at the lowest possible rates.

Let us give you the Buying Power your practice needs.


our job

The role of Dental Buying Power is to negotiate the best corporate pricing on the industry’s leading tools and products. In turn, our members experience a reduction in their practice’s expenses and overhead. By signing up, you will increase your practice efficiency and profitability.

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Dr. Warren Willis



Kami Beck

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