Buying Power Best Practices

Services that Increase Profitability

  • Swell

    Generate hundreds of 5-star Google Reviews and limit money spent on marketing. Active reviews generate higher placement on Google search results.

  • Jarvis

    Daily analytics monitor the health of the practice and identify for your Office Manager and team members eligible procedures such as Panoramic x-rays and much more – significantly increasing your production.


    Easiest way to save money on something your office uses everyday. Potentially save thousands of dollars in fees each year. Easy to switch with no interruption.

  • Jewel Dental Lab

    A fantastic lab you can save hundreds of dollars each month with; especially amazing for implant crowns.


    Keep your hygiene schedule at full capacity; nothing is more expensive than empty seats and lost doctor production.


    Do everything you can to collect 100%, have a checks and balances for your front office, let your staff be dedicated to patient care and not being on hold with insurance.

  • Professional Protector Plan

    The most affordable malpractice insurance with the best coverage. Ask for a quote and see the savings. Your current carrier may be a Professional Protector Plan participant and you will receive 5% off immediately by asking them.

  • RingCentral

    Switch from landlines to VOIP phones and save hundreds of dollars each month. You can keep your current numbers and move them over without any drop in service for a seamless transition. Many, easy to use, patient communication options that landlines simply don’t offer.

  • Dentist Advisors

    Much more than just investment management and retirement planning, they only work with dental professionals and have great strategies for areas such as buying real estate, negotiating your lease, or employee benefits.

Simplify your process.Multiply your profits.